Memo Jauregui is a frequent collaborator of mine and truly is the fastest brush in the west. Memo is an extraordinary painter and a wildly creative person. There are few talents like Memo:
Few people can photograph fish the way Mary Edwards does. She really has the poets’ eye:
Stephen Lawrie is one of Alaska’s most extraordinary painters. He hails from Sitka and New Zealand:
Anthony Pedro’s very, very fine paleo art and more:
Ceramics, mosaics, sculptures, and photos by Beth Thomas. I love her work….  and we went to the same high school!:
The strikingly original art of Mathew Clark, creator of Humilobites!
Alaskan filmmaker Matt Shields blog, always a fun read!
Ketchikan photographer Chris Arrant’s stylishly original takes on the Alaska/NW scene:
Homer artist/naturalist Mavis Muller:
Darryl Funck’s ultra cool illustration work:
Fellow Ketchikaner and trilo-artist extraordinaire:
Ben Witzke’s super fine illustration work:
Ratfish Wranglers Home page:
The amazing and oh-so-tiny worlds of artist Peter Carlson:
The oh so very fine artwork of Suzy Mitchell of California, a kindred spirit:
Ian Boyden, a creative force like no other:
Drew Christie, Seattle animator, illustrator, printmaker and musician:
Kirsten Carlson, an illustrator and designer with extraordinary talent:
The super sweet fishy photos of Jeffrey Feczko:
Oh my god… I’m blown away by Peter Zokosky’s artwork:
Another extraordinary artist with a terminal case of Fish Worship:
The artistic and literary musings of the Great Obi Wan Curtsinger:
Idaho artist Catherine Reinhardt’s exquisite work:

Haley Waddington is originally from Wrangell, Alaska and is now living in Spokane. Check out her way cool art at:

Kelly Lance does terrific
natural history art!

The world needs more fishy artists like Paul Puckett!

Undersea photos with an expert eye:

The extraordinary photographic eye of John Baugess:

Outstanding hand-drawn animations by the brilliant young Drew Christie: Murals, floor paintings, art and more from the expert hands of Abby Kent:
The amazing artwork and original clothing line from two Alaskan fishing women
Lindsay Holladay's super fine illustration work:
Need a pair of custom boots ?
These are truly works of art that you wear on your feet!
The transformational spiritual artwork of Brian Mains:
The truly amazing botanically inspired artwork of Adrianne Smits:

Bobby Long’s incredibly fine illustration and design:

My big sister Kate Troll’s live. Works and writes essays and screenplays in Juneau:

My son Patrick Troll is a terrific musician and DJ in Seattle;

The incredibly elegant illustration and design work of fellow Ketchikan artist Shannon Kuguenko:

Fellow artistic adventurer :

Ian Stewart is a Portland based designer/illustrator/animator doing amazing work

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