‘Where the Fins Meet the Frets’, 2007, Ray Troll and the Ratfish Wranglers


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Check out the awesome music videos from this CD at the bottom of this page
“Cannery Girl” and “Ratfish Rule” filmed by Marc Osborne

"Troll and his band take over where the B-52s 'Rock Lobster' left off in the late 80s/many years ago. Living the artist's life in Ketchikan, Alaska for 25 years, Troll has swum far below the currents of modern art and music, and surfaced for air with a net full of images and songs about such underwater oddities as the ratfish, the sex life of the salmon and the legendary Bombastodon.Set to a hypnotic beat that pounds like a fishboat diesel, and backed up by a loose-knit set of friends including a champion fiddle player and siren-like back-up singers, his songs reach out to the spirit of the fisherman in all of us!"
Peter Marsh
Freshwater News

From The Ketchikan Daily News
March 1st 2008

Also Alec Dickinson with KRBD FM does an audio interview with Ray about the Wranglers

Jeff Bown's  audio interview with Ray about the CD (Jeff is from KTOO, FM Juneau). click here...

The Ratfish Wranglers have launched an all new website designed by my ratfish brother Russell Wodehouse. It’s got free ringtones, videos, ratfish hats for the kids to color, MP3s of unreleased songs and a special SMACKDOWN area where you can vote on your favorite version of a song. Check it out at:


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