In 1994 Ten Speed Press published the now classic Planet Ocean; A Story of Life, the Sea and Dancing to the Fossil Record written by my good friend Brad Matsen with loads of wild, prehistoric imagery by me. This is the cover of the book showing a number of the topics we covered in the book. Explore the image by clicking on the critters swimming in the sea, or simply hit the ‘MORE’ hand on the upper right.

The Soho Coho is one of the only places around where you can find this legendary tome, and absolutely the only place in the world where you can get it autographed and have the option to purchase it with the special 3D glasses. Check it out by clicking right here.

image map

The incredible soundtrack of the same name written and performed by Russell Wodehouse and friends is available right here:

 The book spawned a traveling exhibit and visited major museums across the country. There’s a photo gallery of the installations online at :
Dancing To The Fossil Record Exhibit

 Here’s a page with a few unsolicited reviews of Planet Ocean :

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