At long last here it is folks, the all new website finalized in the summer of 2010! I hope you enjoy exploring the many sections and galleries that my good friend Craig Koch and I have been working on for the last year. There’s loads of all-new content and hundreds of never before seen images scattered throughout the pages.

I have a brand new CD out created with my ratfish brother Russell Wodehouse and legions of sensational musicians. It’s a paleo-themed musical extravaganza and a soundtrack to the Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway book and exhibit. Check it out in the music section by clicking right here.

Summer is here and it’s time for new T-shirts. Here are my latest offerings. They’re stocked in the webstore and ready to go!
A much-requested item: a Spawn ‘Til You Die tank top.

Jammin’ Salmon
I’ve been playing allot of music lately and for the past few years have been having way too much fun at the wonderful wild salmon festival in one of my most favorite Alaskan towns, Cordova. This shirt is my special shout out to all the cool folks in that town and to all those who love fish, fishing and music.

A chef at a local restaurant shouted this idea out to me from behind the grill one night. I laughed out loud as the vision of this bizarre coupling entered my noggin. Man, those udders have gotta’ hurt!
Shirt color: Dark ash

Pink Floyd
This is my oblique homage to one of rock n’ roll’s most illustrious psychedelic bands.  Heck, they pretty much invented the genre. Did you know that the name was coined by Syd Barrett on the spur of the moment by combining the names of two of his favorite blues artists ( Pink Anderson and Floyd Council)? And yes that’s a big old nasty lookin’ humpie, Oncorhynchus gorbuscha, arching across the front of this styling looking shirt.
Shirt color: Stonewashed green

Ketchikan’s average rainfall is 152 inches a year. Some years we hit 200! By comparison Seattle’s average is 36 inches, and they’re considered “rainy” by most folks. In the end if you live in the Pacific Northwest you know that it can dump rain for a month straight and the boundaries between the sea, the sky and the shore all start to blur!
Shirt color: Steel Blue

Alaska Spawned
For those of you spawned in the last frontier!
Shirt color: Black

This is one of those images that just come to you “out of the blue”. I’ve been hanging around allot of bluegrass musicians over the last few years and one morning the image of a banjo playing mermaid just popped into my head. About a year later the words to the song “Soundwaves” came to me in a similar fashion. One of the verses from the song encircles the design.
“Sirens are calling
From some lost shore
Echoing down to the ocean floor
I know one thing
My love is deep
It leads me on
When the waves are steep”

Note that my mermaid sports pelvic fins. For some reason most mermaids in the art world never have these all important fins!
Ladies T only. Turquoise.

ALASKA letters- stacked
This is my take on the classic “illustrated “ letters of our great state replete with bear mauling, cannery workers in love, snarling salmon, soaring eagles and goofy marine mammals.
Shirt color: Steel Blue

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