We find ourselves in the great year of Oh-Thirteen hurtling ever forward into the unfolding chaos of the twenty-first century. The wild and wooly world is a tenuous, uncertain place at best, chock full of peril and anxiety, yet we face each day, put our socks on one at a time, grab a fresh T-shirt, gulp that cup o' sweet dark coffee and we carry on.

 As always we here at Troll Global Industries try to keep up with the changing times and reflect the 'spirit of the age', AKA the "zeitgeist", albeit one with a very fishy spin on it. So without any further ado I present this year's offering of sartorial delights:

2013 Ray Troll Shirts

Fifty Shades of Grayling

 I haven't read the books but yeah I get the drift. Can't quite say I understand what all the fuss is about but hey I'm all for people exploring their deepest urges, so rock on. Or fish on as the case may be. I asked Shauna Lee, singer in the Ratfish Wranglers to write a few steamy paragraphs to explain this strange scene and see did an amazing job of it. I guess she knew what she talking about! You can read her steamy passage by clicking right here.

  A big shout out to Karen Sobolesky for the idea!

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Blow Me

 Not the most subtle of statements, eh? I figured this might be a good shirt for Monday mornings to help folks determine just where you're coming from. I'm gonna blame my good friend, mystery writer John Straley for this one. He texted me this idea while standing outside a sleazy bar somewhere in Hollywood.

 And for the ichthyologists in the crowd you already know that this is a "Porcupine Fish" from the family Diodontidae, also commonly called Blowfish or Balloonfish. These fish have the ability to inflate their bodies to an enormous size by gulping water or air, making themselves hard-to-swallow.

 They perform this neat little trick so that the big mouthed predators can't  eat 'em up. So in a way you'll be sending the very same message to your big mouthed fellow human beings by sporting this design.

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Return of the Sockeye

 Once upon a time in a galaxy not so very far away the forces of the evil Death Starfish threatened the legions of brave, good-hearted interstellar fishermen. The rebels were willing to do battle with the dark forces of the malevolent empire and called upon the Sockeye Warriors to join them. The Trolls of Zardoz were on their side, and their numbers grew.

 Hmmm. That might actually make a good movie!

 Okay it's actually the return of the Return of the Sockeye for those of you tracking the designs over the decades. Yep, we printed this one on a white shirt way back in the early 90s. Now it's on a black T, which makes it look so much cooler and much more outer-space like (thanks Skip!). Yours truly also sat down and spent some time coloring it just the way he likes it.

 This one is back by popular demand. When I posted it on Facebook there seemed to be a genuine outpouring of nostalgia for it.

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Coho Cowboy

 Way back in the Pleistocene I lived in Kansas. Yep, I spent junior high, high school and my undergrad college days there before I migrated north to Alaska.  They say you can take the boy out of Kansas but never the Kansas out of the boy. So it's just been part of my DNA to see the cowboy aspects in many a thing.

 On a recent trip back to great prairies I saw my old college pal Roger Eilts perform with his cowboy band called 3 Trails West. The whole band was sporting the finest leather chaps I'd ever seen and this image popped into my head. It's got a certain euphonious vibe to it too, doncha' think?

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Let's Spawn

 Twenty nine years ago, in the summer of 1984, in a loft above Silver Lining Seafoods in Ketchikan, Alaska a skinny, 30 year old man named Ray, sporting a Burt Reynolds, Smokey-and-the-Bandit style of moustache, busily pulled a squeegee hour after hour, madly printing T-shirts for an upcoming seafood festival.

 He'd convinced his artist/designer pal Karen Lybrand to assist him in this mad effort to print 200 + fish-filled shirts for the festival. Ray had come up with the idea to do T-shirts absolutely filled with salmon with the words "Let's Spawn" emblazoned upon them. Karen chose the type and her husband helped build the silkscreens to get the job done.

 Ray and Karen put in many an hour printing one salmon at a time, turning the shirt slightly and printing another. They strung them up on clothe lines to air dry and filled Ray's studio. It was an insanely intense effort but it paid off. They sold all 200 shirts that weekend, way back when and a career was launched for young mister Troll.

 After a twenty nine year hiatus we've brought the shirts back, partly out of pure nostalgia and partly because we do get the occaisional request for them from folks that remember  them. store page...

Front of the shirt

Back of the shirt


Ray printing shirts in his studio above Silver Lining Seafoods in 1984.

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