2012 Ray Troll Shirts

Got Ink?

My personal tattooist, the ultra-talented Angel Shofner-Jablonski, bounced this idea off me the last time I was under the needle. I absolutely loved the idea immediately but as usual it took awhile to carve out some good quality studio time to do it justice. And if that's not enough the type on Got Ink glows in the dark!

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Octopi Wall Street

Continuing on in the cool cephalopod mode, a few of my facebook pals pinged me with this idea. I started looking around on the web and found that a number of other versions of the pun were already out there so clearly it was time for me to  do my part for the 99 percent. The world clearly needed a Troll-inspired angle to the movement.

My old pal Tim Barry came through with a few extra puns for the signs being carried by the Octopods depicted in the melee. I had fun drawing the various business tycoons being shaken down by the big angry Giant Pacific Octopus.

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Dive Bar

My good friend Andy Case of Tenji Inc. was telling me all about this cool aquarium his company was building and installing at a new Sacramento establishment called ‘The Dive Bar’.  The aquarium tank is located above the bar and is long enough and just wide enough to accommodate live models cavorting as mermaids. How cool is that?

That was enough of an inspiration to get my fevered artistic brain all fired up. Having spent some quality time in a number of genuine dive bars over the years I had a vision of the Star wars bar scene crossed with an episode Jacques Cousteau’s Undersea World with divers and cannery workers all crowded in. For reference pictures I took a few photos late at night in Sitka’s Pioneer Bar, and Ketchikan’s Sourdough and Arctic Bars. So it’s a mix of all three and then some.

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Giusseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian artist who gained wide notoriety way back in the 1500’s with his surreal looking paintings of piles of fish and/or vegetables that looked like weird portraits of people. So this is my homage to the great man and his inspired work.

I’ve noticed that not everyone see’s the profile of the guy at first glance.. so squint your eyes a bit eh? See him? By the way, those are all very real sea creatures as any true fishhead can tell you.

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Ages of Rock

I drew this image for the Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway book and exhibit I did with Dr. Kirk Johnson. It’s also a very fun and catchy little song I co-wrote with Russell Wodehouse on the CD of the same name.

I truly believe that everyone should know the geologic ages of our planet. They should be taught in kindergarten right alongside the ABCs as far as I’m concerned. I’m dead serious about this folks. And hey... they’re surprisingly easy to memorize and having this t-shirt in your wardrobe will make it even easier.

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Happy Hour in Hell

I’ve had the immense pleasure of playing music with my band in the Voodoo Room down in Astoria, Oregon over the last few years as part of the annual Fisherpoet’s Gathering. A couple of year’s ago I did a poster for one of our gigs there depicting a flaming human skull sporting a top hat.

A couple years before that Tony Martin had me come out to give a few lectures at Emory University in Georgia. While I was there Tony and his wife Ruth regaled me with tales of the dark legend of Emory University and Dooley, the Lord of Misrule.

So that’s how this one came to be spawned. I adapted the poster to fit the mood I’m in when I need that one last drink very badly!

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Casting Couch

This is my own demented variation on the sordid Hollywood scenario we’ve all heard about, but mine takes place with someone wearing waders and… and.. um…

Let’s face it folks, it just ain’t ever gonna’ happen this way no matter how good a fisherman you might be.

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Ugliest Catch

What can I say? It’s hard not to spot ‘The Deadliest Catch’ t-shirts or sweat shirts wherever you go in Alaska these days, so I just had to do my own twisted version of it. A local shop owner in Ketchikan mentioned the idea to me a few years back and I’d also heard about an actual fishing derby back on the East Coast called ‘the Ugliest Catch, so I figured it was time to do this.

My shirt depicts a male ratfish front and center (of course!), a giant grenadier, a smooth lumpsucker, an octopus (again!), a ribbon fish referred to as ‘The King of the Salmon, and a weird crustacean commonly called a pinch bug here in Alaska. Mmm, I’m hungry!

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