In November of 2003 I painted a mural at the Santa Cruz National Marine Fisheries lab with my good friends Roberto Salas and Guillermo (AKA Memo) Juaregui. The subject matter, of course, was fish of the north pacific.

We improvised on the spot as is our usual style. The many scientists at the lab brought us great resource photos to work from and each day we added many more of our finny friends to the composition.

It took about two weeks to cover the 3o ft. x 17 ft. wall. Memo painted up a storm, and the two elder gentlemen of the mural painting squad scrambled to keep up with him.

In the end the painting came together nicely with all three of us adding our distinctive touches.

Check out a day by day slide show of the mural’s progress by clicking here.

Memo determines that I’m a few bubbles short of being balanced. The almost finished mural at right (we added a DNA border across the bottom shortly after this was taken).
Roberto painting border details.
Old man Ray on the portable lift adding details to the fishies.
The invitation to the big wild party we had at the completion of the mural. It’s all about the fiesta.

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