Way back in 1987, I came up with a fishy T-shirt design that was inspired by living on a salmon stream and being immersed in the fish-crazed culture of Southeast Alaska. It featured a couple of crisscrossed sockeye salmon and a jolly-Roger type human skull with the slogan “Spawn Til You Die” emblazoned upon it. It seemed to hit the zeitgeist of the Pacific Northwest just right and has been a perennial best seller for me ever since.

Around 1993 I added color to the T-shirt design but many of my most ardent collectors asked that we print the original black and white version. I honestly always liked that version the best as well. It’s just cooler overall, doncha’ think?

Over the years I’ve spotted the shirt in many places including movies and magazines.

Check out the photos by clickin the hand above...


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