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Dungies and Dragons

I’ve been kicking the idea of combining Dungeness Crabs and Dragons for quite some time but it never quite ‘gelled’ until I was at the legendary Burger Queen here in Ketchikan and Devon Klose casually said, as he handed me a bacon cheeseburger, “Hey Ray, you should do a Dungies and Dragons shirt sometime.” Devon nailed the phrasing just right.

At about the same time Michelle and I were watching “Stranger Things” on Netflix and Dungeons and Dragons figures prominently in that show. I was inspired and off and running. Grace Freeman did the colorizing… and also consulted with her brother, a true D & D master, for expert advice on final details I should add (like the cool dice!).

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Time’s Fun When
You’re Having Flies

This is an older design newly revamped and beautifully colorized by Grace Freeman. It’s printed on a Heather Navy blue shirt and the detail is exquisite.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time on Alaskan rivers in pursuit of the wily Steelhead, Coho Salmon, and magnificent Grayling , all pictured on this shirt. I absolutely love the look and feel of hand tied flies and all their wonderful names.

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Higher Porpoise

One of the few glimmers of hope for me in the bizarre election year of 2016 was the legalization of recreational marijuana usage along the entire West Coast of the United States. That’s pretty darn cool in my book, and a small sign of progress in this strange new world we find ourselves in.

With that in mind I submit for your approval this image of a Dall Porpoise partaking of the inspirational Cannabis herb amidst a flower-filled haze of Trollian marginalia.

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The inimitable Grace Freeman did the beautiful digital coloring.

Bear Family Tree

In the summer of 2015 I was lucky enough to spend time at Brooks Camp in Katmai National Park & Preserve, Alaska, well known as a gathering spot for large coastal Brown Bears to feast on returning pacific salmon. I was blown away by the experience of seeing one of nature’s most spectacular annual summertime dramas played out before me from the comfort of a well-built observation platform.

While I was at the camp I was asked to do an evening lecture on my artwork. As I prepared for the talk I began to wonder if visitors who’d gone to all the trouble and expense to watch the bears at Brooks Camp had any idea what bears might actually be related to. So I decided to do an informal survey and was totally surprised by the answers I got.

Only three people out of 100 got it right! Clearly something had to be done, so I set about drawing up a visual ‘family tree’ of bears. I reached out to various scientist friends and came up with this image.
So look closely my friends:
What are the closest relatives of our beloved bears?

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Preserve the Balance

I drew this composition way back in 1988 when I was still a newbie here in Southeast Alaska, so there’s a slightly goofy look to the bears and fish, but in it’s own offbeat way I kinda’ like that about this drawing. The message is even more important these days.

That’s a Common Loon front and center, with a female Common Merganser and Surf Scoter lined up behind it. Three coastal Brown bears are see lurking in the background, one of them munching on a salmon. Below the waterline is a King Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, rainbow Trout and a Pike, all of which make me salivate. Mmmm, I can almost taste them now.

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Spawntaneous Combustion

I remember sitting on an airplane headed to the East Coast last year when the idea of a flaming tattoo style salmon popped into my head. I grabbed my sketchbook and scribbled it out and later spent a couple of days in the studio doing the finished drawing. I turned top my artist pal, Memo Jauregui from San Diego, to add the digital coloring and the super fine lettering.

This design was used for the 2016 Salmonfest Music and Art Festival in Ninilchik. Alaska. In many ways the inspiration for combining roaring flames, salmon and electric guitar grew out of all my wonderful experiences at Salmonfest.

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