2016 Shirts...


Out of the Ooze and Born to Cruise


This classic science-inspired design has been out of the line for a while. Many of my Paleo-pals have been asking for it to return so here ya’ go folks! Grace Freeman added the digital color to my original handcarved linoleum cut design.   It’s being printed on a fine slate grey T-shirt.


The shirt pays homage to our Devonian lobe-finned fish ancestors that crawled out of the primordial ooze over 375 million years ago, starting the vertebrate invasion of the land that eventually produced cheeseburger-chomping primates like ourselves.



Walk Softy and Carry a Big Fish


This is my fishy twist on Teddy Roosevelt’s famous maxim, depicting Teddy himself sporting Xtra Tufs and confidently scaling a mountain with a big old King Salmon on his back. We changed up the shirt color recently and are now printing this on a beautiful Blue Dusk T.


The original artwork was created as limited edition linoleum cut print. Revamped digital color by Grace Freeman.



Hook, Line and Sinker


This classic design is back in the shirt line after a few years on hiatus. I’m super jazzed to see it back in our offerings. My original art was done as a lino-cut print and represents my offbeat homage to Rodin’s famous sculpture from way back in1880.


It’s being screen printed on a stylish Olive colored T-shirt .




Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down


This just might be the perfect shirt for our times, or at least something you’ll want to wear on one a funky Monday mornings when you’re not ready to face the working week. I drew this pen and ink back in 1977 after my first move to a big urban city. Being an art history buff I’d always loved the traditional Renaissance paintings of St. Anthony facing down his demons in the desert.  I had lots of fun creating all the monstrous beings that face him… and then had to throw in a duck, a frog and a bunny. Try to find them!


Grace Freeman did the awesome digital coloring job. Shirt color is black.



Howling Dogs


If you listen very carefully on moonlit Alaskan nights you can oftentimes hear the howling of the gator-toothed Dog Salmon hordes as they gather to spawn in the icy rivers of their birth. Okay I’m laying it on a little thick, but lately we’ve been having he numbers of Dog (AKA Chum) Salmon returns here in Southeast Alaska.


We’re printing them on classic Black 100 percent cotton, pre-shrunk T shirts.




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