‘Fishes of Amazonia’, 7 ft. x 15 ft., acrylic on canvas, © Ray Troll 2000
Here’s the finished mural with all of its insane detail. Big thanks to all of my ichthyologist pals who helped me fill the canvas with cool fish: the one, the only Paulo Petry, ‘Catfish’ Carl Ferraris, ‘King of the Cats’ John Lundberg, ‘Piranha-Man’ Bill Fink, ‘Stingray’ Richard Ross, Richard Vari and Dan Stearn. I am eternally grateful to all of them and to Kirk for dragging me down to the fish-filled wonderland of the Amazon.
The mural is now in the collection of the Miami Science Museum and is traveling as an integral part of their exhibit called Amazon Voyage: Vicious Fishes and Other Riches. I acted as the art director for the show and collaborated with my good pal Sean Duran in designing the show.  There is an incredibly rich website dedicated to the show and a mural interactive at : amazonvoyage.org/

 Here is a bio page for my exhibit designing friend Sean Duran...

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